Amyric Films was started in 2005 as an independent production company to give a voice to projects from a broad spectrum of interests. We have championed unusual ideas and quirky techniques, encouraged investigation and research, documentation and reassessment of the world around us. We are open for new ideas and new projects.

The company was started by Immo Horn and Debra Watson, both of whom have a long history of work in the arts and media sector.

Amyric Films is an independent production company, offering film and video production as well as services such as camera people, directors and editing. In addition we have the ability to create 3D animation and 3D graphic content.

Immo Horn started his professional career in set design for music videos, before going on to work as a cameraman on documentaries. His first big job was a documentary of the Afghan Civil war 1989/1990 Voice of the Moon. He has worked for SABC-TV, BBC, channel 4 TV and independent companies, and has had his work shown at many international film festivals.

Debra Watson has worked as an actress in South Africa, including the acclaimed Curl Up and Dye, which toured in Europe. She has worked as producer and director at SABC-TV. She also runs a charity MetaPlay and is its creative director.

Drama Show Reel:

Documentary Show Reel


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